Tis the Season to become Engaged


Tis the Season! Did you think I meant the holiday season? I meant engagement season. Starting Thanksgiving through Valentine’s Day, 39% of couples will get engaged according to theknot.com. Whether it’s the hype of the holiday season, the increase in ring advertisements, the gathering of close family and friends or the romance of the season, many couples will find themselves ready to commit their lives to one another during this time of year.

So Congratulations, you are engaged!! What’s next? Here is a list of the top 10 steps you should start to do once you are engaged. Whats next before the big day:

1. Tell close family and friends first.
Your “now fiancé” has just popped the question. Your next instinct may be to take cute pictures and post them all over Instagram and Facebook but you will save yourself a lot of family drama if you share your news with your closest family and friends first. Anyone that may be in your bridal party should know soon after. After your closest friends and family know then it is okay to share your news with the rest of your friends and family via social media.
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2. Discuss your budget and guest list size.
Before you can even start looking at venues or hiring vendors for your wedding you need to know where you stand on budget. This may involve an awkward conversation about money with your parents. Or you and your future spouse may be footing the bill and need to decide what you can realistically afford to spend. Your budget coincides with the number of guests you decide to invite. Make categories of ”must attend” guests down to the “it would be nice if they can make it, but I won’t cry if not” guests to make narrowing down your guest list easier.
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3. Choose a wedding party.
Next you should consider who you and your fiancé want standing beside you on your special day. Do you have a bunch of friends or do you want to have a smaller more intimate bridal party? Make this decision wisely because these girls and guys are now part of making the wedding less stressful for you and should be the people you can call on for anything.
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4. Discuss a date or time frame.
Most likely the first question out of people’s mouths after “Congratulations” is, “So when’s the big day?” Have the discussion of a specific date (October 10th) or time frame (next summer) with your fiancé fairly quickly after you get engaged so you can calmly answer people’s often inquiring questions.
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5. Book a venue.
To follow along with the last point, your family and friends want to know where you are planning to have your wedding. Once you nail down your venue a lot of planning steps can easily follow. Discuss ceremony site: church vs. outdoors? Reception: outdoor tent vs. ballroom? Location: destination vs. hometown?
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6. Choose the “one a day” vendors.
Once you choose a venue you may be thinking, now what? Which vendors should I hire first? Lock down your favorite vendors that can only book one wedding a day such as DJs and photographers. You want to have your choice and they book faster due to a more limited availability. Your florist, cake, and other vendors are capable of doing more than one wedding a day and you have more leeway with getting who you want for your date.
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7. Insure your ring.
He popped the question and flashed the shiny new rock. Take this step seriously and get your ring insured right away if your fiancé has not already done so. Heaven forbid you drop it down the drain or lose it during a dip in the ocean. You will want to be able to replace it with the same one, and the wedding will be bringing on enough expenses without another ring!
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8. Start pinning.
Pinterest is a great tool to get the creative juices flowing. You can find all things wedding related on this site. Go crazy at first but then rein it in and be realistic about budget. realisticness, do-ability, and time.
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9. Shop for a dress.
Dress shopping is one of the first things new bride’s-to-be want to do once they get engaged. Dress shopping can get you very excited for your big day and finally make you feel like a bride. Take some time to consider where you will be tying the knot before choosing a dress. Location and time of year can play into what style will work best!
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10. Take a break.
By the end of this list of steps you will definitely need to take a breath and celebrate with your fiancé. Keep in mind throughout all your planning that the meaning of the day is most important, and always remember to breathe! Clink those glasses and toast to your future together!
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