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Winter might be the most underrated season for weddings, especially in New England. However, since New England is privy to such a beautiful time of the year, why not celebrate your special day during this season? Wintertime is sprinkled with sweaters, hot drinks, holidays, fireplaces, and snow. If winter is your favorite time of the year, consider bringing these great parts of winter to your wedding. After the holidays are over January- March can drag on. A wedding is a great event to look forward to and for years to come that winter month will have your anniversary date in it to celebrate. Here are a few of our favorite winter wedding trends.

1. Snowy accents
Bring the natural beauty of the snow inside for your wedding without having to worry about being cold. Incorporate tree branches covered in snow on your invitations for a quaint touch. Centerpieces are also a great way to tie in the snowy natural theme with branches and twinkle lights to capture the glistening snow.
white centerpiece lights snowinvite

2. Cozy cover-ups
I do not have to remind you of the cold weather of the season. Despite the cold weather you are likely to still want pictures with your spouse outside in the elements. Plan accordingly and accessorize by putting on a soft shawl, or cover-up. These subtle wardrobe additions are beautiful in pictures with snow in the background. You will be happy you chose a warm option over your dress. Still worried about staying warm? Pull on a pair of yoga pants or leggings under your dress. You will be warm and no one will see what you have on under your dress. Consider cover-ups, shawls, sweaters, and shrugs for your bridesmaids as well to keep your girls from grumbling during the photographs in the snow.
sweaterchairs dressshrug


3. Colors
Just because the winter brings out a lot of white neutral colors does not mean you cannot have bright contrast. Jewel tone colors like emerald and ruby are rich and warm tones against the winter white. Colors will stand out and match the white.
pewterBM green BM

4. Lights/lanterns
Lanterns and candles are a great way to brighten up the dark winter nights. The glow of lanterns can greet your guests on pathways and stairways as they brave the snowfall. Lanterns are also a nice touch for centerpieces because it creates another use for regular candles.
stairlanterns lanterncenterpiece

5. Cocktails
Cocktails are a subtle but fun way to incorporate the colors and flavors of the season into your wedding. Make your champagne toast red for Christmas by adding a splash of pomegranate or cranberry juice. Garnish drinks with candy canes, rosemary, and cranberries for a holiday touch.
redchampagne candycanemartini


6. Different desserts
Dessert is an essential part of an event. Get creative during the winter season with these unique dessert options. Naked cakes, cakes without frosting on the outside and usually fruit décor, are a rising trend. Naked cakes are beautiful dusted with powder sugar to create the look of snow and fruit as décor is a nice healthy touch. A hot chocolate bar is a hands-on experience for guests to create their own warm concoction with special treats like peppermint, caramel, mint, and white chocolate. A warm glass of hot chocolate is a great favor for your guests to have as they leave the night and venture into the cold.
nakedcake hotchocbar

7. Christmas
Christmas can be the perfect theme for your wedding and it comes with so many easy décor options to choose from. Decorated trees can create perfect photo opportunities. Ornaments are a subtle but classy way to display your Christmas theme. Ornaments can be integrated as a favor for your guests to remember the special day or as escort cards to let your guests know where they are sitting.
ornamentescortcards ornament favors

8. Holiday cards
Following the Christmas theme, send out cards for the holidays. Continue to celebrate and tell the world of your marriage even after all the thank you notes are written. Plus it’s a great way to show off those wedding pictures. Spread some holiday cheer and share the happiness you and your spouse feel even after the wedding is over.
merrymarriedcard2 marriedcard1


9. Snow photo opp
Take advantage of whatever comes your way on your wedding day and make the most of it. Maybe snow was not anticipated on your special day but your photographer will be able to capture beautiful shots as the snow falls. Bundle up and celebrate in the snow. The snow can fall romantically in the background as you and your spouse share a kiss.
snowdoorspic snowpic

10. New Years
What a better way to celebrate a new beginning and new life together than at the beginning of the new year. Party all night reflecting on the years before and the love story that brought you to where you are today and get excited for the years to come. Glitter, sequins, sparklers, gold, silver, confetti and champagne are all great items to feature on your big night. Don’t forget the photo opportunity of your midnight kiss.
newyrssign newyrresolutions

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