Who Decorates the Wedding Venue?


Planning a wedding is an exciting yet complicated process. Aside from deciding who to invite and what attire to wear, couples need to consider the venue's decorations for the event to come together successfully. One big question couples often ask themselves is: Who decorates the wedding venue? Depending on budget, style preference, and timeline, among other factors, there are various options available to ensure beautiful wedding decorations. Read this article to understand who handles decoration duties before walking down the aisle customized to your needs.

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Is it the Wedding Planner's Responsibility to Decorate the Venue?

As a bride-to-be, you may wonder who makes your dream wedding venue come to life. While it's easy to assume that the wedding planner is responsible for everything decor, this isn't always the case. While some wedding planners may offer services that include wedding decor, their expertise primarily focuses on logistics such as vendor management, timelines, and day-of coordination.

On the other hand, wedding decorators specialize in bringing your vision to life through flowers, centerpieces, drapery, and other transformative elements. That being said, it's important to clarify the responsibilities of both your wedding planner and wedding decorator to ensure a seamless and stress-free wedding day.

Do Wedding Venues Offer Decorations for the Event?

Some wedding venues offer decorations for couples to choose from. Typically, these packages offer basic décors, such as a stage backdrop and flower arrangements to bring the space alive. Most hotels and event spaces also have in-house teams that handle all setups and teardowns for a nominal fee.

So Who Decorates the Wedding Venue?

Your dream wedding will not be complete without beautiful decorations. While there are many options for who decorates the wedding venue, the first step is evaluating your budget and style preferences. Depending on these two factors, you can determine which route best fits your needs.

The following are the possible options:

The Couple Getting Married

If you're the type of couple who loves to add their personal touch to every detail, you may decorate the venue yourselves. Crafty couples with a specific vision for the day may want to take on the task of decorating the venue themselves. This can also be an economical option if you can access affordable décor suppliers and possess creative skills. By sourcing affordable décor suppliers and utilizing your creative skills, you'll create a truly one-of-a-kind atmosphere that reflects your love story in every corner. 

Close Friends and Family Members

Friends and family members can also make wedding decorations. Ask your closest loved ones to help with the decorations, as this can be a great way to involve them in the wedding process.

Professional Wedding Decorator

Professional wedding decorators are the best option for couples with specific ideas and who want to bring their dream wedding to life. These experts usually have all the necessary equipment, materials, and manpower, making them more reliable than relying on friends and family members. They also come with packaged pricing options that fit most budgets.

The Wedding Coordinator

An efficient wedding coordinator may be a great option for couples with limited time and resources to coordinate the decorations themselves. The wedding coordinator can provide a list of options that fit your needs and budget and ensure everything is set up correctly on the event day.

Skilled Wedding Florist

Wedding florists are the experts when it comes to creating beautiful floral arrangements. They can handle everything from bouquets and boutonnieres to centerpieces, arches, bridal flowers, and other décor elements. It is best to contact a wedding florist as soon as possible so they have enough time to create your dream designs.

Do I Need to Hire a Wedding Decorator?

Whether you need to hire a wedding decorator is entirely up to you. If you have the time, resources, and creative ideas, you can plan all the décor elements yourself.

However, hiring a wedding decorator is the best option if you are looking for professional help with your decorations or want someone who can handle all the details.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Wedding Venue Decorator

Wedding decorators come in all shapes and sizes, so it is essential to research when selecting one. When it comes to choosing the right decorator for your wedding venue, several factors come into play to ensure a flawless and breathtaking transformation. 

Here are some factors and a few tips you should consider:

  • Reputation-: Ensure the decorator has a good reputation and can deliver on their promises. Check online reviews or ask for references from previous clients.
  • Style: Be sure to pick a decorator whose style matches your vision. Look at their portfolio and evaluate their past work to ensure they can create the wedding of your dreams.
  • Cost: Pricing is an important factor when it comes to wedding decorations. Make sure you understand all the costs and fees associated with the decorator before deciding.
  • Experience:Choose a decorator with years of experience in the field. This will ensure they have the skills and knowledge to create your dream wedding décor.

The Importance of Wedding Decorations

Decorations are an important part of any wedding party, as they help create the atmosphere and set the tone for your special day. A well-decorated venue will make your guests feel comfortable and add a touch of elegance to the event.

The importance of wedding decorations cannot be underestimated as they:

  • Create a beautiful atmosphere and help your guests to feel relaxed.
  • Help to add an element of surprise, as no guest knows what the decorations will look like until they arrive.
  • Provide a personal touch and make your wedding unique.
  • Make for great photo opportunities that you can remember for years to come.

Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Venue

The wedding planning process is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Here are some tips that will help you create the perfect decorations for your special day:

  1. Start planning early: Give yourself plenty of time to plan and prepare for the wedding decorations. This will give you ample time to secure a professional decorator and ensure everything is ready before the big day.
  2. Set a budget: Having a budget in mind will help you narrow down your options and make the right decisions regarding decorations.
  3. Get creative:Don’t be afraid to try something new or unique with your decorations. Use different colors and materials to create an eye-catching display for your guests.
  4. Work with a professional:A professional wedding decorator will bring your vision to life and ensure everything is set up correctly on the event day.
  5. Don’t forget the details: Pay attention to the little things like table settings, candles, napkins, and even small gifts for your guests.

Top 3 Best Wedding Themes and Decors

Here are some of the best wedding themes and decors for your special day:

  1. Rustic: A rustic look is timeless and classic, perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. Think of wooden accents, greenery, elegant florals, and natural elements.
  2. Elegant: You may opt for an elegant theme with sparkling lights, white florals, and metallic accents for a more glamorous look.
  3. Vintage: If you’re fond of a certain era or want to bring back nostalgia, vintage is the way to go. You can create a unique look with vintage furniture, old-fashioned chandeliers, and antique decorations.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Who Decorates the Wedding Venue?

Q: Do wedding vendors and rental companies include decoration?

A: Most vendors and rental companies offer services that include decorations, but it is important to check with them before you make any decisions.

Q: How much does it cost to hire a wedding decorator?

A: The cost of hiring a wedding decorator can vary depending on their services and the decorations' complexity.

Q: What do wedding decorators typically provide?

A: Wedding decorators typically provide the décor for your ceremony and reception, such as table settings, centerpieces, backdrops, draping, and other special touches.

Q: How early should I book a decorator?

A: It’s best to book a decorator at least six months in advance, as this will give them enough time to plan and prepare.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, deciding who decorates the wedding venue is up to you. Have a clear vision for your wedding day and communicate that to the people helping make your dream come true. Get creative and go above and beyond with decorations that reflect your style, or let the natural beauty of your chosen venue become the backdrop of a more neutral celebration. Regardless of what you decide, understand that it takes effort from several entities to ensure everything is completed by the day of - don’t forget to thank everyone who had a hand in making your special day!

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